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Ari Salmela Fine Art Photography


Ari Salmela was born in Finland, where he still lives today. He has been seriously into photography for more than 30 years, and has used everything from 35mm to 45, and now a full-frame dslr.
Ari has participated in many group photography exhibitions in Finland from 1988 to 1993. Most important to him was the group exhibition for the first Fotofinlandia competition finalists at The Finnish Museum of Photography in 1989. His main work for the global industrial company kept him away from the art market nearly two decades. The busy industrial world has left behind now and he is concentrating to create photographic art in this new digital environment.

Ari says that he has always loved the world of images, photographs, paintings, graphics, etc., and digital photography has created new possibilities to make digital artwork from photographs.

Ari Salmela's participation in exhibitions since 2011:

The group exhibition at The Museum Of Digital Fine Art (MODFA) in December 2011.

The Creatives Rising show in New York City in October 2013.

The SCOPE Art Fair in Miami in December 2013.

The Year in Review 2013 Group Exhibition in New York City in March 2014.

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Summer is Short 1 by Ari Salmela


Summer is Short 2 by Ari Salmela


Summer is Short 3 by Ari Salmela


Moody Dusk by Ari Salmela


Breezy Moment by Ari Salmela


Enigmatic Forest by Ari Salmela


Walking Through the Mist by Ari Salmela


Autumn Wall by Ari Salmela


Her Life With a Dog by Ari Salmela


Autumn Shore by Ari Salmela


Autumn Glory by Ari Salmela


Blue Pot by Ari Salmela


Farewell Summer by Ari Salmela


Peaceful Evening by Ari Salmela


Leafless Couple by Ari Salmela


Birch in the Mist by Ari Salmela


Early Morning Softness by Ari Salmela


Summer in the Park by Ari Salmela


Rumba Rose by Ari Salmela


Full Speed Ahead by Ari Salmela


Calm Summer Day by Ari Salmela


Sunny September by Ari Salmela


Misty Morning Lake by Ari Salmela


Cold Winter Day by Ari Salmela


Delicate Dew Drops by Ari Salmela